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About Expert Adulting

Expert Adulting was ‘born’ when I realized just how many adults (young & old) didn’t know the information covered here. How they didn’t understand how much money they were losing needlessly. How much aggravation and frustration they were dealing with that they didn’t have to. How, with a map and a guide, they could keep more money in their own pockets and live easier and better lives. 

Expert Adulting is being built to provide that map and be that guide. 

I HATE seeing people get taken advantage of - whether it’s honestly (e.g., through marketing and details only found in the ‘fine print’) or dishonestly (e.g., through scams & lies). 

My hope is that Expert Adulting will help you protect yourself and enable you to make the most of your life and your money.  

Debbie W.

Creator, researcher, writer & presenter of Expert Adulting content & YouTube videos

Debbie Wanamaker - Creator of Expert Adulting

Why You Can Trust Expert Adulting

★ Expert Adulting is not selling you anything. In fact, the information here will help protect you from those who are – those who may have their own best interests in mind instead of yours! 

★ Expert Adulting will not tell you what you should do, but it will give you things to think about as well as information and resources to help you figure out what’s right for your life and your situation.

★ All the information has been thoroughly researched using current and credible resources that you can find in the “Learn More (My Sources)” section of each module.

★ The most important points have been extracted and then described in easy-to-understand language so they can be quickly found, understood, and used.

★ The information has been 'un-marketed' - I used my experience as a marketing professional to remove any marketing or sales messages from the information I found.

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