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Understanding These Topics Will Improve Your Life!

Welcome to Expert Adulting!

Welcome to a growing library of easy-to-understand but well-researched information on the 'business' side of Adulting.

Most people become an ‘adult’ without being taught what they need to know about adulting. Unfortunately, there are many who will use a person’s lack of experience or knowledge to take advantage of them. Even though their methods are technically legal, being misled or charged too much still hurts!


Expert Adulting is being built to fill the gap in adulting knowledge. Here you will find information and explanations about adulting topics that affect most people at some point. Armed with this knowledge, you will be better able to protect yourself from those that will try to take advantage of you!


There is nothing to buy here - just insights and knowledge to help you have the best life possible. 



Upcoming Topics


  • Preparing for a job interview

  • Give yourself 24 hours before accepting a job offer

  • How to market yourself / what to put in your resume' 

  • Leaving a job

  • Understanding employee benefits

  • Understanding take-home pay

Vital to Adult Life

  • Understanding total cost of ownership

  • How to research products / companies 

  • How you become the average of the 5 people you're around most

  • Who not to ask for advice! 


  • Considering a pet

  • Thought poison

  • When to text, email, call

  • Why short-term disability insurance especially applies to young adults

"Marketing UnMasked"

"Quick & Wise"


  • How to ask for a better deal

  • Fees & interest get you nothing

  • Don't turn down that raise! 

  • Tax refunds cost you money

If you'd like to request an additional topic or want one of these to be done sooner rather than later, please let me know

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